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Nozzle Clusters

Cluster Configurations
  • Single Port Nozzle ClusterSingle Port: Located on the end of the six sided fixture and is on the same axis as the tube. This fixture is good for nozzle drops or terminating the atomization line with a nozzle plug or clean out plug.
  • Two Port Nozzle Cluster (one port plugged)Two Port Nozzle Cluster (no plug)Two Port Cluster: One port on one of the six sides and one out the top. This configuration puts the nozzles at a right angle to each other. The end port can receive a nozzle plug instead and be used as a clean out.
  • Three Port Nozzle ClusterThree Port Cluster: With three ports evenly spaced on the flat sides of the nozzle fixture.
  • Four Port Nozzle ClusterFour Port Cluster: With three ports evenly spaced on the flat sides of the nozzle fixture and one out on top.
  • Six Port Nozzle ClusterSix Port Cluster: With six ports arranged round the six flat sides of the nozzle fixture.
  • Seven Port Nozzle ClusterSeven Port Cluster: With six ports arranged around the six flat sides of the nozzle fixture and one port out the top.
  • 12/24 to 1/8" Adapters in Cluster Configuration12/24 to 1/8" Adapter: The FX adapter is compatible with all of the Hydro Fog cluster fixtures. Adapters shown here with 7-port cluster.
  • 12/24 to 1/8" Adapter and Special FX Fog Nozzle12/24 to 1/8" Adapter: Stainless steel adapter for special effects nozzles easily adapts 1/8" NPT nozzle for sample of impingement style nozzle. Nozzle sold separately.
  • Dual Port Shot Gun Dual Port Shot Gun: This configuration puts two nozzles 5/8" of an inch apart. With clean out on the end.
Nozzle Cluster Specifications
  • Tube Material: Stainless steel 316L welded, .375" O.D. with a wall thickness of .035".
  • Minimum Theoretical Burst Pressure: @-20° F to 100°F 14,000 PSI.
  • Minimum Working Pressure: @-20°F to 100°F 3,500 PSI.
  • Minimum Tensile Strength: @-20°F to 100°F 70,000 PSI.
  • Nozzle Fixture: CNC machined from solid 316L stainless steel hex material.
  • Welds are Orbital G.T.A.W. Fusion. Weld strength exceeds that of original material.
  • All clusters are inspected and pressure tested prior to shipment.
  • Orbital welding procedures are certified to the requirements of ASME Sec.IX Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code/ASME B31.1 & B31.3 Piping Codes.
  • Clusters have 18" tails and include stainless steel nozzles with anti-drip valves. Call for custom configurations and tail lengths.