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System Design
Hydro Fog is fully capable of designing a system that fits your application. Please contact a representatives are available to aid in this process.
Design Services:
Hydro Fog's innovative design services offer a unique utilization of components and environmental variables. This allows our team of System Designers to provide you with a wide range of solutions for any problem you wish to solve.
Personal Attention:
Hydro Fog devotes personal attention to every inquiry ensuring your satisfaction. Hydro Fog values its clients greatly and is willing to commit to both small and large scale projects, working with you until the system meets your high standards.
Advanced Capabilities:
Hydro Fog System Designers are experienced with CAD software, allowing them to view your cad drawings and provide you with an accurate system quote. Our designers can prepare for you a full custom installation guide detailing configuration attributes unique to your application and custom scaled diagrams to aid in the installation process.
Industry Experience:
The Hydro Fog System Design team achieves better quality by drawing from their extensive experience in the fog industry. The team has successfully completed projects for a range of applications including horticultural, dust suppression, odor control, outdoor cooling, and special effects, just to name a few. The team is fully capable of discussing any technical aspect of the product or application on a professional level.
Online Calculators
Hydro Fog conveniently offers several online calculators that are helpful in figuring several variables that affect the application of pure water fog.
NOTE: The input of unrealistic values may cause inaccurate results. These calculators are for estimation and preliminary planning purposes only.

Manifold Friction Loss Calculator: When running smooth walled manifold line between the pump and the first nozzle in a system, it is often necessary to know the loss of pressure due to friction between the water and the walls of the manifold line. This helps decide which pipe diameter is right for the job and aids in the design of the system. If you input a custom diameter, you must push the "Calculate" button in order to see the results.

Air Speed Calculator: It is often necessary to calculate the speed of air through an opening in a building if you are planning to achieve a certain air volume turnover rate (CFM).