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Hydro Fog offers a broad selection of high pressure, high performance pumps to fit your needs. Contact us to find out which pump is right for you.

Hydro Fog, Inc. has chosen three leading pump manufacturers that can supply products on an international basis. Each of the companies has unique advantages that provide specific answers to design problems. Instead of trying to make a design solution conform to a single pump design and manufacturer, Hydro Fog, Inc. will let the design dictate the pump that is best suited for the job.

Some of the characteristics that differentiate the pump choices relate to pressure, volume, maintenance issues, and customer preference.

Cat Pumps: "The Worlds Most Dependable Pumps"
Cat Pumps Cat Pumps Cat Pumps

Cat, the pump with "Nine Lives," offers a proven performance record in the most rigorous applications. With pumps in the field after 20 years, it's no wonder that Cat considers Customer Confidence their greatest asset. Cat plunger pumps offer a unique spring reinforced seal design and a special blend of materials for exceptional seal life. Concentric, high-density, polished ceramic plungers offer true alignment and an ultra smooth surface. This and many other design and manufacturing techniques translate into less service costs, less down time, and more customer satisfaction.

The dependability and high-energy efficiency offered by Cat Pumps exhibit the "no shortcut" manufacturing process that denotes high quality and value.

Danfoss: Nessie® Water Hydraulics
Danfoss Danfoss Danfoss

The Nessie® Water Hydraulics Division of Danfoss offers a high pressure pump solution that has an attribute that no other company can match in the area of maintenance, no oil change required. The Nessie® pumps are fabricated of stainless steel and have no need for an oil reservoir because they are designed to be lubricated by the water they pump. The duty cycle is 8000 to 15000 hours depending on the pump and pressure used.

The Danfoss line of pumps is compact, quite, and efficient and is supported by an international dealer network. The Danfoss Company is also well known for its manufacture of frequency drives, electrical components, and flow control equipment such as pressure regulators solenoid valves and water activated hydraulic cylinders.

The Danfoss solution is clear, the company's mission statement includes "total customer satisfaction," a statement that exhibits a product confidence rarely found in today's market place. It's no wonder that Danfoss supplies equipment to the fog industry, the nuclear industry, and everything in-between.

Giant: "Performance Under Pressure"
Giant Giant Giant
Giant, known for its "Performance Under Pressure" and its German/American design background, provides a high quality product engineered to withstand the harshest conditions.

Your will find Giant pumps that have been in the field for over 20 years. This is a result of the very expensive standard materials use in the manufacturing of Giant pumps. These pumps have forged crankshafts that are ground tumbled and hardened. Tapered roller bearings, bronze connecting rods, and stainless steel plunger bases provide smooth operation and less wear on the fluid end components.

Giant's industrial line of pumps will not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.